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Selasa, 10 Julai 2012

what is gastrosexual

Just a little sharing, run a bit from money and investment topic. Found out this urban words during watching bella at NTV7 this morning

after a simple search....

1.A term used to describe men who cook, taking the household chore part away from it, and turning it more into a hobby, used to impress friends and prospective partners. More and more, women are finding a partner's ability to cook as important as other attractive features (looks, personality, status, income, etc.)
My friend Pat hosts large dinner parties at least once a month. He makes fancy tapas and serves them with wine he paired himself. What a gastrosexual!

Gordon Ramsay is a gastrosexual.
2.Men who use their culinary skills to impress their friends and potential love interests.
Brian's in the kitchen with the girls showing off his new blender. He's such a Gastrosexual
3. A man who sees cooking as a hobby and not just a chore. Deeply passionate about analysis and innovation and creativity in cuisine.
May often dress like a metrosexual, and itsn't afraid to explore his artistic side and even feminine side through cooking.
Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal, Rex Newmark, Keith Floyd are all examples of the Gastrosexual.
4. Word made up by PR bods to attempt to boost popularity and editorial value of mediocre food products.

Follows general marketing/ PR rule of thumb that if you can't think of a word that fits what you're describing, then just make up a new word, either by adding 'sexual' or 'ability' to the end of it. See also campaignability
This product really speaks to those gastrosexuals out there who want to show their friends how skilled they are in the kitchen.
 Guys.... are you ready to become one?


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