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Khamis, 20 September 2012

from no one to somone, from nobody to somebody, leaving your kids with legacy

pernah ada orang tanya, selain untuk persaraan, apa lagi yang boleh disasarkan dengan pelaburan unit trust ni?
1. tabungan untuk membeli aset, jika sekarang ramai yang mengeluh pasal harga rumah, kenapa tidak kita mulakan satu sasaran untuk membeli rumah dengan cara membina kekuatan kewangan dahulu? silap haribulan, your dream house paid in cash!

2. tabungan untuk pendidikan anak-anak, sediakan tabung pendidikan mereka seawal tahun pertama, dan apabila mereka mencapai umur 17 tahun, secara kasar korang dah sediakan yuran pengajian ijazah sarjana muda untuk mereka biarpun sebelum mereka mula belajar lagi.

3. tabungan untuk membeli kereta/gadjet. kereta idaman? takkan la tak teringin nak memandu kereta idaman korang kut?kalau nak harapkan simpanan secara konvensional, mungkin kita akan menunggu lebih lama.

4. tabungan kecemasan, pelaburan tu akan menjadi 'insurans' sekiranya ada sesuatu terjadi pada diri kita. bayangkan betapa susahnya diri kita jika ditimpa musibah. kos perubatan sekarang bukanlah murah....

dan bermacam-macam lagi..... drop your dream number, and create strategy to achieve it. kinda simple right?

percayalah, dengan cara yang betul, korang boleh menaikkan taraf hidup korang dengan adanya tabungan yang mantap. from nobody to somebody, from no one to  someone and your generation will look high on you  because you are leaving then with legacy.

p/s: agree or not, do leave your comment. if you interested, drop me an email.at misbah.thahir@gmail.com

Isnin, 17 September 2012

Basic Plan To Achieve Your Financial Freedom

Here is a very basic plan for achieving financial independence:
  • Get a job
  • Start to save
  • Get raises
  • Save as salary increases
  • Take advantage of dollar-cost averaging (DCA)
  • Benefit from a bull market
  • Hit magic number
  • Retire
It sounds simple and straightforward on paper, but in reality, earning a high income does not automatically translate into a high net worth.

sometimes, there is not need a rocket science to become high net worth person, what you really need is, a message to a right guy at the right financial institution. and the best thing is, i am here ready to help you!

Sabtu, 15 September 2012

Public Mutual: Among My Four Favourite Fund

Here are four of my favorite Public Mutul fund.Some say, money making fund. this graft shown how the performance of fund since opening

12/8/2008 to 12/9/2012
28/06/2005 To 11/09/2012
14/02/2006 To 11/09/2012

28/05/2003 To 11/09/2012
All this among my favorite, good performance fund and easy to manage (my opinion) with good return either unit distribution or unit price gain.

Leave them with your legacy

drop me a comment below or simply email me at misbah.thahir@gmail.com for free consultation.

p/s: start sooner and reach your financial goal sooner. once you understand, you will never stop investing breeding your money and make it growing...

Jumaat, 7 September 2012

investment in malaysia more worth then China

 Interesting... pick up part of WSJ article, China's economy seems like an "overeating Dragon that hardly can move"

China, Beware: Private Equity Takes Note of Smaller Asian Neighbours

 Private equity investors may find deals in Indonesia and Malaysia a more worthwhile bet when seeking investments in Asia, amid waning economic growth in China.
Many general partners are now turning their focus to Southeast Asian nations as the “best proxy” for Asia’s growth story, according to Brian Chia of Baker & McKenzie’s member firm Wong & Partners in Malaysia. In comparison, China’s star has started to dim, with many economists expecting the mainland’s August economic data to show stabilization, although at relatively low levels. The data are due for release later this week
The Malaysian economy, however, has proven “buoyant” and sectors like food, consumer, education and manufacturing are still attracting regional interest, said Mr. Chia, adding that “investors like any industry which has a consumer angle.” In China, the consumer story has taken a few steps back, with Morgan Stanley Asia’s economists estimating that the country’s overall “disinflationary trend is still on track.”
Key Malaysia-based players include Navis Private Equity, which manages more than $3 billion, investing in both private and public transactions. The firm secured capital commitments worth 230 million Ringgit ($74 million) for a Malaysia Growth Opportunities Fund I last year, according to its website. Even though Navis is based in Kuala Lumpur, it also targets other Asian countries including Thailand and Singapore. [read more]