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Khamis, 15 Mac 2012

Prepaid service tax in July?

Is it for real?

according to HLIB Research, Government likely to give "green light".

 hmmm... RM10.60 for RM10 reload, RM106.00 for RM100 reload....

"KUALA LUMPUR: Rumour has it that the government may have finally decided to allow telecommunications companies (telcos) to pass on the six percent service tax to prepaid subscribers, HLIB Research says.

"It is understood that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has issued a memo to all the industry players instructing the telcos to be technically prepared for the launch on July 1," said the research house today. (read more) " - malay mail, 15 march

i am sure, people will blame the government, but actually, the tax is currently charged and paid by mobile provider. and the question is, are these provider become greed? or taking chances for not taking the blame once the charge imposed to their customer?

in coporate world, chances are something "hard to resist"

for my opinion, mobile provider actually have so many ways to "impose the tax without making it so obvious" such as, more "provider friendly" package... no need to make people feel uneasy....

or...maybe, the provider start "recovering damage" after lots of "convenience package" and promotions imposed?

let the things flow... and what i am very sure, with the convenience of number portability, provider who give the best offer will be chosen... let see how long they can brag about this charge after they impose this....


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