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Khamis, 13 Februari 2014

what if, I am jobless with a salary of RM3000

start your saving with RM100, promotion ended april 2014
what if.... you are 55 and having RM200 0000 in your retirement fund and you wanted RM3000 monthly for the rest of your life?

most of us says, opening a business....

that's GREAT!

but people tend to forget the risk and effort in building business...

how about, if you can enjoy the return of your business with less effort and less risk?

then, use UNIT TRUST as a medium of business... a silent business...

this is how its work...

Capital: RM200,000 CASH
Projected value in 5 years = RM300,000. (Yearly dividend about RM20,000 / 10% average)

projected Income per month for the rest of the life = RM3,000

1. FREE Personal Accident Permanent Disability Insurance (dollar to dollar) up to RM500,000 (up until 74 years old)
2. FREE Wasiat Writing
3. FREE Trust Nomination
4. FREE Platinum Credit Card with Credit Limit: RM50,000
5. Repurchase cheque (T+1)
6. Free switching
7. Free transfer
8. Quarterly Investment Updates by Public Mutual Berhad
9. Can be used as collateral with Public Bank Berhad


if your are young, and still have 20 or 25 years ahead and you don't have RM200 000, start small....

you need a single brick to build your dream, even KLCC never been build without one...

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